Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy Weeks Ahead!

Just wanted to post real quick! I am hosting a "Party Lite" Candle Party tonight, and the house isn't quite clean yet... nor have I showered or prepared any food, so this is going to be short!

I am (hopefully) meeting up with a very old friend tomorrow night, along with my MOH, for martinis and tapas and I am very excited! I haven't seen this guy in I think 5 years, but he is one of the nicest I have ever known (aside from Will, of course!) I've sort of kept up with his life from Facebook and mutual friends, but I'm looking forward to hearing more details about what he's been up to!
Friday I have the day off and will celebrate my birthday with my family- lunch with my grandparents and then $hopping with my Mom!
Then we leave for Florida!! TJ is moving this weekend (into a really awesome house on base that I can't wait to see), so to celebrate my bday/help him out, Will and I will leave Fri evening when he gets off work, hopefully stop in Charlotte to have dinner with my Dad, and then drive through the night to arrive in Pensacola at about 3am. We're staying till Monday which means we get to go to my favorite place ever for Sunday brunch- Flounders! I think I have mentioned this place before, but it is A-mazing! It is ON the beach at Pensacola Beach (you can boat to it, which we did before...probably not this time though!), it is open air, they have live music, great food, beach volleyball, aaaaaannnnd the Champagne Jam!! All-you-can-drink mimosas/hibiscus' (champagne and cran) for $5.99!!! That's right.... 5.99. And once you're done eating, you can mosey on out to the beach, sit by the water, swim, play volleyball, lay in lounge chairs, etc.... all while continuing to gulp...I mean sip.... your champagne! Happy Birthday to ME! =)

Then when we get back Monday night, I have work Tues-Thurs and then Fri morning pedicures with Kelly and the girls, rehearsal Friday night, open-bar rehearsal dinner, then hair/makeup Saturday morning starting at 10, bridesmaids luncheon at 12, wedding at 5, and reception at the O'Henry Hotel!! Whew!!!

So to re-cap:

Wednesday: Candle Party

Thursday: Martinis

Friday: Shopping

Saturday: Florida!

Sunday: Flounders (PS: they have the best Key Lime Pie ever- note Kristen's piece below!)

Friday: Pedicure

Saturday: This pretty girl's wedding!

So if I don't update for a few days, yall will know why! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I know I will!!! =)


Jennifer said...

Hope you have a happy birthday! Have fun in Florida!

Shannon said...

whew, I'm worn out just reading this! ;) My question for the day has been "how can I get this to Greensboro for Bailey without it shattering?" hahaha :) So EXCITED to hear all about this crazy birthday festival you have going sad I can't join :(

wolfiemitrestone said...

We are busy ladies! I hope you have a fantastic birthday and get all you deserve and more.

We will definitely compare notes about our showers :) Are your bridesmaids throwing this one?

Carissa said...

Happy Birthday! I had fun on Wednesday night and can't wait for July 10th!!!

Lauren Kelly said...

How fun!!! I so wish we could meet up while you're in Florida!!!!!! Happy Birthday, had no idea yours was a day after mine :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you all had a blast in Florida! I updated my blog, now its your turn :)