Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blogging Hiatus

So I think it has been almost 3 weeks since my last post... oops! I kept meaning to do one, but just never got around to it. Darn those pesky jobs...always getting in the way of the important things! Haha, okay I'm kidding. I will totally blame my lack of posting on my new job, but I am so thankful for the money!

I have been working at a friend's restaurant from 10-2, Monday-Friday, and it is great! It gets me up and out of the house each day, but I still have time to shop/run errands/go to the pool in the afternoons. Plus, the extra cash is handy ;)

So what else is new... hmm.... we tasted cake with a local lady who works out of her home and her price was reasonable ($3 per slice) but we want to keep looking. She didn't have a wide variety of flavors to choose from, and would not do some of the decorative things we wanted, like have chocolate brown swirls on ivory buttercream icing. She said the dark colors bleed onto the white. Is this true? Can anyone tell me how theirs turned out if you had dark decor on light frosting? And while were at it... suggest some cake flavors! We tasted all yellow cakes, one with strawberry filling, one with raspberry, and one with orange. They were all good, but just not quite what I had in mind. She asked what we were looking for and I drew a blank, so someone help me out here! What's your favorite kind of cake???

I've been working on rentals, just trying to find the best prices and the most convenient as far as delivery, set up, breakdown, etc. Any recommendations? I'm having trouble getting places to respond to my emails. I know I just need to suck it up and call, but email is so much easier!

This past weekend was Kelly's lingerie shower and bachelorette party and both were so much fun! Her shower really made me re-think having one of my own. I don't really look that great (I don't think) in typical lingerie, and would rather have more practical gifts, but Kelly did get some really cute things! Only a few were the over-the-top-sexy things that only get worn maybe once a year and for all of five minutes. The rest were cute, sweet little nightgowns and robes and such- enough to be sexy, but not uncomfortable! Maybe I'll have to mention the idea to Katie....unless she's reading this..... ;)

The bachelorette party was great too- Kelly has a really great group of friends and I am so blessed to be one of them! We had a nice dinner at a local, swanky "green" hotel, and then went downtown to dance! I haven't had a night of dancing like that since college and it was a blast! No boys, of course... any that got too close were quickly told "no thank you" and pushed out of the way by a fellow bridesmaid! It's so much more fun that way, lol.

That's about all the updates I can think of for now... I will try to upload some pictures this weekend (I have been busy on a couple crafty little decorative things for the wedding, but you'll just have to wait to see those!)

Oh, and I promised to mention this fun giveaway- a $10 Starbucks card (you know you want it!) from Brenda at Prarie Tales ( Can someone tell me how to make the blog name clicky instead of having to copy and paste the url? I really need an HTML class.....

Alright, well I hope everyone is having a good week!

Shout Outs:

Kelly- 16 days till you are a Mrs!! ;) Holy Cow!!
Evan- My little cousin is 4 today! Happy Birthday!!! Love you!


Lauren- A bloggy friend who is having a "blue" day- cheer up chica!! You're too pretty not to smile!


Shannon said...

yayy! A blog update! I need to do this! :) I promise I will this weekend! Fun reading about your updates..yum for cake! And can't WAIT to see these crafty pics! :) Loveeee youuuuu..missss youuu!

Carissa said...

1) FINALLY! Thank you :)
2) to link-there should be a link symbol on your tool bar (it looks like chain links, two grey ovals). Type what you want to be the link, highlight it, push the link symbol, and then copy and paste the website in that pop up window. I will go do that in my blog to make sure it works that way.
3) I have another week of classes...UGH!!!!!!!!!!
4) Glad the job is working out well :) I need something like that in July.
5) It really has been a long time. I am tutoring a friend in physics, and we have met 8 days of the past 11 to study.
6) Glad the wedding stuff is going well.


jemmessica said...

If you are just having buttercream or cream cheese frosting, and having it decorated with the same, yes the brown will run. If you use fondant icing over your buttercream or cream cheese and the brown detail is cut out of fondant, and placed on the cake, it won't run.

That being said.... fondant is not tasty... but very common to achieve the look you want.

~Brenda said...

Thanks for doing your homework, Bailey! :-))

And ... I like chocolate cake. With chocolate frosting. And a chocolate pudding middle. Fudge frosting. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

I'm sorry. I'm not much help, as chocolate is probably not very wedding-ish.

Congrats on your engagement!!


Jennifer said...

Glad to see your back! Congrats on the job!

Lauren Kelly said...

Girl, just wanted to say hello and you are toooooo sweet!!! :)

wolfiemitrestone said...

I miss you too and your blogging...

No fair! Come back!

What are you thinking on the cake now?